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2007 07 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic 96 CI Engine

Price: $1,500.00


Price: $787.00

2000 00 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI Ultra Classic Electra Glide ENGINE RUNS EFI

Price: $1,900.00

AMF Harley Davidson SX125 engine motor head jug gearbox transmission

Price: $200.00


Price: $1,599.99

Rare Original Vintage Harley 1965 Panhead Shovelhead Engine Motor Oil Pump

Price: $209.17

The original concept of the Harley Davidson began way back in 1901 and although the first thoughts and designs of the bike are far removed from the beautifully crafted motorcycles we recognise over 100 years later, it is the beginning of a fascinating story and is much of the reason why the Harley Davidson motorcycles are not only World Class machines but they are bikes with a heart and soul.

So, in 1901 a young 21 year old man named William S Harley designed a small engine which would be made to fit onto an everyday pushbike frame. Young Harley and his good friend Arthur Davidson spent around two years working on this project until finally putting it to the test in September 1904 when it was entered into a race in Milwaukee which was held at the State Fair Park and ridden by Edward Hildebrand who came fourth in the race. This day was an important day in the Harley Davidson's past as it was the first recorded appearance of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, but certainly not to be the last.

Over the years following, the Harley Davidson Motorcycles took on many new looks and engine sizes and went through two World Wars contributing greatly to its causes. Harley Davidson provided 20,000 machines to the forces during the First World War and in the Second World War even more were produced including many new makes and models. In 1943 & 45 Harley Davidson was awarded Army Navy 'E' awards which were awarded for Excellence in Production. These days Harley Davidson's are a household name and are famous Worldwide, people who own one of these legendary bikes don't just love them, they worship them and spend a lot of time and money on making sure they are in tip top condition and many people try and get their hands on the best custom made Harley Davidson money can buy.

These days it's not all about buying the bike as a whole, many people like to work with Harley parts to build their own creation and there will always be a need for Harley Davidson bike parts as so many people just love to get all greased up fixing their Choppers or Sportster Bobbers. If you are of the ability to fix up the motorcycle yourself then there are all the parts you need out there. Many people love to just collect Harley Davidson parts, especially the Engines which are of course the heart and soul of the Motorcycle itself.

If you go to any Motorcycle show you will see literally thousands of Harley-Davidson bikes and bikers some will be understated and modest, and others will be outrageous and vibrant, each one depicting its owner's personality and individual character. Simply put the Harley-Davidson is not just a Motorcycle, it is a way of life.

Harley-Davidson VRSC Motorcycles

First of all for those of you who are not familiar with the term VRSC it stands for V-Twin Racing Street Custom and this family of Harley-Davidson's came to life in 2001 with a bike we know as the "V-Rod". The invention of the V-Rod was Harley's way of competing with other American and Japanese muscle bikes, the V-Rod is a perfect power cruiser and its look is like no other Harley-Davidson and the most distinct difference which anyone will recognise is that the fuel tank on the V-Rod is directly underneath the seat rather than its usual frontal position. With the 60-degree V-Twin engine, the radiator and the hydro formed frame members that support the round-topped air cleaner cover this bike is uniquely recognisable and highly attractive as well. It has to be said that the VRSC V-Rod bikes are very mean looking and they are stunning almost to the point of making you blush! My personal favorite is the 'Night Rod Special' which has a 240mm wide rear tire and all its chrome has been replaced with black making this machine very ferocious looking, also the sound that emits from this bike is unbelievable and all V-Rods send shivers through your spine. Other VRSC bikes are: Night Rod, Night Rod Special, V-Rod Muscle, Screamin' Eagle CVO V-Rod and the Street Rod. All these bikes have a unique look that really sets them apart from all other Harley-Davidson's and all other Motorcycles for that matter. If you want something that oozes muscle and power, that rides like the wind and that your friends will hear coming from another continent then these are the bikes for you!

Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson's touring bikes come in eight models, three of which are Road King models and five Glide models. The Road King Harley's are very 'retro' in their appearance, which is helped by the look of the large clear windscreen which most models come with, making you feel like you're a biker of the 1940's or 50's! The Glides on the other hand have also been dubbed with the title' batwing' because of the unique shape which is formed due to the full frontal fairings. Another Glide, the Road Glide also has an aka as 'sharknose' as the front of the bike is of a different shape to the other Glides and Road kings and also comes with a dual headlight to make this Glide a very unique ride. Touring bikes are definitely the comfort bikes of the Harley-Davidson clan, if you are planning a long trip I recommend that you don't even consider doing it without one of these beauties. All Touring bikes come with large saddle bags and more often than not a top box as well, so you need not worry about space! All models also come with rear coil-over air suspension and are full fairings with Radios/CBs. Due to the fact that these bikes were built for long distance and comfort they are therefore built with the steering head in front of the forks and was also the first H-D frame to rubber mount the drive train so as to protect the rider from the trembling of the big V-twin, which although sounds beautiful you really don't want to 'feel' every movement of the engine while you're enjoying a nice long country or coastal ride. For those of you who are fans of big mean and comfortable three wheelers you will be pleased to hear that for 2009 Harley-Davidson is releasing their first 3wheeler since the Servi-car was discontinued in 1973. This beautiful new model boasts of a unique frame and a 103 cid engine. Touring bikes certainly have something for everyone, comfort, style and room, these could well be Harley-Davidson's purrrfect Motorcycle!

Harley-Davidson CVO Motorcycles

The Harley-Davidson CVO (Custom vehicle operations) motorcycles have to be the most visually stunning of all Harley's. These bikes are made for people who want to be noticed, for people whom just a 'bike' is never going to be enough. CVO's are out to impress with both their looks and their sound, you will never find a shrinking violet seated upon one of these beasts!

CVO bikes have been around since 1999 and are going strong. You won't find more colorful and individual bikes anywhere else, these are the bikes that are made for you, custom bikes and not just a bike a Harley-Davidson. CVO's have paint schemes and accessories which will blow your mind away and unless you have an avid stalker you won't see another bike which is identical to yours anywhere in the World. And for some of us that is exactly what we want.

When you see one of these magnificent works of art & expression you won't ever forget it, it will stay forged in your memory and may even motivate you to own one yourself. If you're looking for a used Harley engine for your own CVO then you've come to the right website.

Harley-Davidson Dyna Motorcycles

Dyna Motorcycles are very stunning bikes and their performance is awesome, they are bikes built for the rider who loves the open road. There are six Dyna Models and these are: Super Glide, Super Glide Custom, Street Bob, Low Rider, Wide Glide and Fat Bob. Dyna Motorcycles are bikes with attitude thanks to their big-twin engines, Dyna bikes also have the nice touch of being styled in the traditional and many old school bikers are fans of the Dyna models because of this.

Unlike the Softail the Dyna comes complete with the coil-over suspension which joins the swingarm with the frame. The Dyna models have a much more aggressive look than that of the Softail and are far more traditional in their design. The oil reservoir on the Dyna models is also home to the transmission unlike other bikes.

If you like the 'old school' biker look and have a tasselled leather jacket then this group of bikes will suit you down to the ground, they are everything you could want in a bike and the riding experience is simply breath taking, and after all that is what it's all about!