`` Harley Davidson Evo Engines

Harley Davidson Evo Engines

JAMES Motor Gasket Kit Harley Evo Big Twin Motor Engine 1992-1999 JGI-17041-92-A

Price: $73.95

120" ULTIMA ENGINE MOTOR Polished Harley Evo Chopper Custom Big Bore Stroker S

Price: $3,299.99


Price: $575.00

Harley Davidson Evolution (Evo) / Big Twin Engine Inner Cam Bearing Puller Tool

Price: $54.99

Harley FL 1340 EVO Engine with Transmission

Price: $2,350.00

Harley Evolution 1340 Engine Cases & Crankshaft Assembly Numbers Matching

Price: $405.00

The Harley-Davidson Evo engine, otherwise known as Evolution or Blockhead, is a something to behold. The Evo started its life in 1984 when the Harley Davidson Motor Company began manufacturing the engine. This engine caused a stir with hard core bikers as they thought that the Evolution Engine was going against everything the motorcycle and the Harley-Davidson in particular, stood for. To many of these bikers and die hard Harley-Davidson fans fiddling with one's engine and getting covered in grease is in-fact all part of owning a bike, but because the Evo engine didn't really need to keep being given an overhaul, burnt less oil and is basically an engine that anyone could live with, it was shunned by many.

This didn't last of course and this engine soon became a favourite among practically every biker, except the really stubborn! You know who you are! The thing is that the Evo is actually more Harley-Davidson than many of their other engines as it has been built with the original principal that Harley began with. The nickname 'blockhead' came about due to the original style of the engine being a 'rocker box' shape, and the Evo has this original 'rocker box' rectangular Harley shape.

One of the reasons that Harley Evo engines work so well is due to the materials it is made from. The Evo's heads and cylinders (jugs) are both made from the same thing, aluminium, unlike many engines, which not only makes a considerable weight difference the engine but also this improves air cooling ratio. These factors enable the Evo engine to take bikers and their Motorcycles hundreds and hundreds of miles further than before without needing to take it apart and work on it. So in the end, the Evo won the favouritism battle!

So there we have it, this 45 degree, air-cooled V-twin Engine really does give the biker the ride of his or her life, and it is so good in-fact that the Evo replaced the Shovelhead engine and also the Ironhead Sportster engine.